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Minifigure Trading

What is Minifigure Trading?

Minifigure Trading at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston is a fun way to find new LEGO® Minifigures to add to your collection and to swap those you no longer wish to keep!

It’s really simple:

  • Bring a Minifigure with you on your visit to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center .
  • Say hello to the staff at the Center and check out their name badges with Minifigures on them.
  • If you see one you would like to trade, ask them nicely and swap Minifigures!

Top 5 tips for LEGO® Minifigure Trading

  • Say hello to all the staff you meet at the Center so you can check out the Minifigures on their name badges.
  • If you are having too much fun playing in our attractions, ask your parents to keep an eye out for cool Minifigures to trade.
  • Ask your friends to bring their Minifigures along if you are having a birthday party, and then you can trade with your friends and our staff members.
  • Keep your Minifigures in a special bag or carry case so you don’t forget which Minifigures you have and you can bring them easily on your visit.
  • Can’t find the Minifigure you are looking for? Ask a member of staff, they might know where you can find one!


If you have any questions please contact us.

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23rd May 2014

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