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LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Timeline

Once Upon a Time there was a man called Ole Kirk Kristiansen who lived in the small town of Billund in Denmark. Ole set up his own business as a carpenter making furniture. As the years went by he decided he wanted to make other things and so the story began...

Ole started to make and sell wooden toys which he thought was a lot more fun

Ole held a competition with his employees to find a name for his company, he won the competition himself with the name LEGO

The LEGO® Brick as we know it was invented and patented

The LEGO® Minifigure is born

The LEGO® employees were often interrupted by all the visitors who wanted to see what you can build with LEGO bricks. So one day someone suggested “why not build a park where visitors can build with LEGO bricks?” LEGOLAND® was born!

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Berlin opens

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Chicago opens

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Manchester opens

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Dallas opens

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centres: Atlanta, Kansas City & Tokyo open

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centres: Westchester, Toronto & Oberhausen open

LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Boston open

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