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Atlanta Skyline Tour Workshop

Educational Objectives:

The Atlanta Skyline Tour workshop is a 30 minute unique, interactive guided tour through the LEGOLAND Atlanta Miniland exhibit. Children will learn how the history of Atlanta shaped its famous southern skyline. Afterward, students are challenged to think critically about designing a new building for Atlanta or build something that represents their favorite part of Atlanta in a hands-on classroom setting. The workshop is recommended for children between ages of 6-9 (2nd-4th grade)

Workshop Objective:

  • To learn the history of Atlanta and it’s landmarks
  • To learn how the landmarks and the people helped shape the city
  • To help children have an understanding of the architecture of Atlanta and create new buildings for the city

What is the workshop?

The Atlanta Skyline Tour consists of three parts:

  • Children are given a historical tour of the city of Atlanta
  • Children are asked to relate to symbols and important people that have help build the city
  • Children are asked to create their own skyscraper that they would like to see in Atlanta or create something out of LEGO bricks to represent their favorite part of the city

Georgia Performance Standards:

Social Studies

  • SS2HI. The student will read about and describe the lives of historical figures in Georgia History.
    • Identify the contributions made by these historic figures: Jackie Robinson, MLK, Jimmy Carter, Hank Aaron, Ted Turner
  • SS2G1. The student will locate major topographical features of Georgia and will describe how these features define Georgia’s surface.
    • Locate all of the geographic regions of Georgia: Blue Ridge Mountains, Piedmont, Coastal Plain, Valley and Ridge, and Appalachian Plateau
  • SS3H1. The student will explain the political roots of our modern democracy in the United States of America.
    • Identify the influence of Greek Architecture (columns on the Parthenon, U.S. Supreme Court Building), law, and the Olympic Games on the present.

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