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Tall Towers Jr Workshop

Educational Objectives:

The Tall Towers Jr Workshop is a 30 minute hands-on learning experience that teaches children how to follow directions, recognize shapes, patterns, colors, and develop fine motor skills. Children will learn how to build structures out of LEGO bricks using different styles and techniques in a fun interactive classroom experience. The Tall Towers Jr Workshop teaches the children about TEAMWORK, CREATIVITY and COMMUNUICATION in a classroom setting. The workshop is recommended for children between ages of 4-5 (K-1st grade)

Workshop Objective:

  • To learn how structures and buildings are made in a fun colorful setting
  • To encourage children in fun unique and exciting activities
  • To help increase the development of motor skills, pattern recognition, replication, and listening skills

What is the workshop?

The Tall Towers Jr workshop consists of several parts:

  • TChildren are asked to build the tallest tower that they can
  • Children are asked to build a tower of one color
  • Children are asked to build a tower with a repeating pattern using different color bricks
  • Children are asked to build the silliest tower possible

Georgia Performance Standards:


  • MKM1. Measurement. Students will group objects according to common properties such as longer/shorter, more/less, taller/shorter, and heavier/lighter.
  • MKG2. Geometry. Students will understand basic spatial shapes
  • MKP1. Process Standards. Students will solve problems. (using appropriate technology)
  • M1M2. Measurement. Students will compare and/or order the length, height, weight, or capacity of two or more objects by using direct comparison or a nonstandard unit.
  • M1G3. Geometry. Students will arrange and describe objects in space by proximity, position, and direction (near, far, below, above, up, down, behind, in front of, next to, and left or right of.)


  • SKCS1. Students will be aware of the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in science and will exhibit these traits in their own efforts to understand how the world works.
  • SKCS3. Students will use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating objects in scientific activities
  • S1CS7. Students will understand important features of the process of scientific inquiry.

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