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Tall Towers Workshop

Educational Objectives:

The Tall Towers Workshop is a 35 minute educational workshop introducing children to science, math, and physics by playing with LEGO bricks. The children will be able to participate in a learning environment by exploring the world of man made structures and their properties in a hands-on class. The Tall Towers Workshop teaches the children about TEAMWORK, CREATIVITY and COMMUNUICATION in a classroom setting while learning about elementary construction principles, natural and manmade structures, and the effect of natural disasters. The workshop is recommended for children between ages of 6-9 (2nd-4th grade)

Workshop Objective:

  • To learn about structures and how they are made
  • To learn how natural disasters affect structures and learn how to build stronger and taller buildings by hands-on lessons and challenges
  • To relate activities to the Georgia Performance Standards

What is the workshop?

The Tall Towers Workshop consists of three parts:

  • The Introduction where children learn about structures and buildings and are placed into groups to build their own tall tower in a 5 minute challenge.
  • Discussion of Structures where children learn about natural disasters that cause structures to fall down and become unstable. Also, the children will learn how to improve their structures with new building techniques and methods
  • Earthquake Testing Challenge is the final part of the workshop where the children build a better structure than their first and test their creations on our Earthquake Tables.

Georgia Performance Standards:


  • M2M1. Measurement. Students will know the standard units of inch, foot, yard, and metric units of centimeter and meter and measure length to the nearest inch or centimeter.
  • M3M2. Measurement. Students will measure length choosing appropriate units and tools.
  • M2G3. Geometry. Students will describe the change in attributes as two and three-dimensional shapes are cut and rearranged.
  • M3P5. Process Skills. Students will represent mathematics in multiple ways.
  • M2P4. Problem solving. Students will make connections among mathematical ideas and to other disciplines.


  • S2CS1. Students will be aware of the importance of curiosity, honesty, openness, and skepticism in science and will exhibit these traits in their own efforts to understand how the world works.
  • S2CS3. Students will use tools and instruments for observing, measuring, and manipulating objects in scientific methods.
  • S2P3. Students will demonstrate changes in speed and direction using pushes and pulls.
  • S3CS2. Students will have the computation and estimation skills necessary for analyzing data and following scientific explanations.
  • S3CS7. Students will be familiar with the character of scientific knowledge and how it is achieved.
  • S4CS4. Students will use ideas of system, model, change, and scale in exploring scientific and technological matters.

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