Kids vs Grownups Creative Challenge

Posted by LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City | 7/17/2018

Summer fun’s not over yet… In fact, it’s just getting started! WAHOO! Whether you’re 5 or 95 years old, LEGOLAND® Discovery Center wants YOU to let your imagination run wild, and your building, - even wilder! We’re calling on all little LEGO® lovers, mini-makers and master builders in the making to help us answer the age-old question… When it comes to using your imagination, who takes the win, kids or adults!?

Studies suggest that creativity starts to decline rapidly as kids near adulthood, as early as in elementary school. We’re calling on parents to put their creative building skills to the test with Kids vs. Grownups challenges all summer long. By challenging kids to build-offs that get them thinking and creating, YOU can teach them to navigate the world using hands-on learning and imagination, outside the (LEGO) box!

Creative Workshop at LEGOLAND Discovery Center

So why is creativity SO important?!

  1. Creativity in kids encourages critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  2. It helps foster adaptability, curiosity and the importance of learning through asking questions, like, “How can I use LEGO bricks to build my dream house?” or “What makes this racecar go?!”
  3. It helps build future leaders! Creativity was cited as the #1 “leadership competency” of the future by Newsweek.
  4. Most importantly, creativity teaches kids to remember that mistakes happen, and that’s A-okay!

This summer, LEGOLAND Discovery Centers are hosting their own set of Kids vs. Grownups challenges, games and activities. Moms, dads, grandparents - this challenge is for you too, and LEGOLAND Discovery Centers are here to help!

Cool LEGO Build at LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Here’s how to have fun and get started with some tips for hands-on play that sparks creativity across all ages! 

  1. Visit your local LEGOLAND Discovery Center during the Kids vs. Grownups events (you can find these dates on the LEGOLAND Discovery Center website for your area).
  2. Go head-to-head in a build-off challenge with your kids! Exercise those creative juices to determine a winner, kid or adult, with the help of our team of Playmakers! Challenges can have different themes to keep the experience new and exciting with each round. Remember, rematches are welcome and there’s no right or wrong way to imagine, build and play!
  3. Keep the creativity flowing all year with visits to LEGOLAND Discovery Center, or take the challenges home with you by creating your own!

LEGO bricks are the perfect tool for boundless innovation and playful learning - what better way to challenge unlimited creativity than to visit the world’s BIGGEST box of LEGO bricks!? Learn more about Kids vs. Grownups events near you at your local LEGOLAND Discovery Center this summer and practice challenging your creativity with your kids year-round!

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