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LEGO® DUPLO® bricks can be built together over 1,000 times and still have the same clutch power which is one of the reasons why our DUPLO Farm attraction is a great area to spend time building with your youngest children. Designed for kids aged up to 5 years, DUPLO Farm is also home to our larger soft play bricks, exclusive to LEGOLAND® Discovery Centers. Big bricks lead to big ideas, so let their imaginations run wild as they build, create and discover great activities in our DUPLO Farm attraction.


Did you know children develop vital skills when they play with DUPLO® bricks?

Excellent for children aged 1 – 5 years, LEGO® DUPLO Jams are catchy songs to feed children's imagination and a great way to get kids excited about their trip to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center.

Listen to our LEGO® DUPLO Jams using the links below, and start building. Don't forget to share with us your new builds or building tips when you are visiting!


Visual MapEarthquake Tables

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