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School Field Trips & Educational Visits

LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Boston offers unique and engaging school field trips and educational visits.

From basic learning through play to more advanced engineering and design skills, we offer LEGO® workshops for children to enjoy learning with a difference!

  • All of our school workshops are created in adherence to school curriculum and are designed exclusively by teachers, for teachers.
  • Our workshops are hands-on learning experiences allowing for an engaging new way to educate students in the worlds of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Prices from just $10 per child with FREE teacher planning visits.



We offer 3 LEGO® inspired school workshops, each devised by practicing teachers, covering design, technology, science, mathematics, teamwork and social skills.

Workshop guides can be downloaded below for your convenience.

Tall Towers Workshop

Ages 4 – 10 | Design & Technology

The Tall Towers workshop uses our Earthquake tables to bring math, physics and design to life using LEGO® bricks. This is a hands on workshop where students can participate in understanding man-made structures, architecture and the impacts of natural disasters.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To education students about structures and how buildings are created.
  • To learn about natural disasters and the impacts on buildings and structures.
  • To encourage teamwork and communication.

Download the Tall Towers workshop guide...

Tall Towers Junior

Ages 3 – 4 | Design & Technology

Our Tall Towers Junior Workshop is a basic introduction to how buildings and structures are made, by also learning how to follow directions, recognize shapes and patterns, and develop fine motor skills by building LEGO towers of various shapes, colors and patterns.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To develop fine motor skills through building bricks and recognising shapes and patterns.
  • To develop communication, listening and teamwork skills.
  • To encourage creativity and imagination.

Download the Tall Towers junior workshop guide...

Race Car Workshop

Ages 7 – 10 | Design & Technology, Science and Mathematics

Our Race Car Workshop is a unique and innovative way to educate students in mathematics and introduce them to basic physics. Students use our LEGO® Racers: Build & Test attraction to build LEGO race cars, race them on a track, collect data, and use mathematics to calculate their car’s performance, while also learning about the forces that affect their cars and how physics is used to make cars faster or perform more efficiently.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To learn about physics and theory within a practical environment.
  • To use mathematics to collect, organize and analyze data and draw conclusions.
  • To understand design and technology within the automobile space.
  • To relate conclusions to mathematics and physics.

Download the Race Car Workshop guide...


How do I book a school visit?

If you are interested in booking a field trip, please call us at 866-228-6439.

We would advise at least one month’s notice for bookings.

Do we have to book in advance?

Yes, to benefit from the $10 per child discounted rate you need to book in advance.

We recommend that you book your school visit at least one month in advance.

Can we get the school rate at the weekends?

The school rate is available Monday through Friday. If you have a group interested in visiting on a weekend, please visit our groups page.


Do you offer the same group services for Pre-school/Kindergarden groups?

Yes, we offer the same group services for Pre-School and Kindergarden groups.

Booking or questions

If you are interesting in bringing your school to LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston, please complete an inquiry form.

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