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13th January, 2014

  • 15% Off Back-to-School Items (8/1/15-8/31/15)

Blue Brick Backpack, Pink Brick Backpack, LEGO Pencil Pot, LEGO Name Plate, LEGO Classic Note book, LEGO Minifigure Note Pad Set, LEGO Brick Erasers, LEGO Friends Pencil Holder, LEGO Friends Notebook, LEGO Friends Nameplate


Upcoming September Promotions:

10% Off All Dress and Play Extended Line Items!

LEGO Castle Line - Dragon Armory Cape 851360 Dragon Sword 850874, Dragon shield 850878, Castle Armory Cape 851359, Castle Shield 850854, Castle Sword 850853,  Castle Knight helmet 850871, and Castle flail 850883

LEGO Disney Princess - Princess Crown 851328, Princess Shield 851327, and Princess Sword 851326

LEGO Pirates - Pirate Hat 850699, Pirate Hook 850712, Pirate Hook 850704, Girl Pirate Sword 852861, Pirate Shield 853426 and Pirate Eyepatch 850700

LEGO Ninjago - Sword & Sheath 853447, fork 851336, Ninja Belt 851338 , Bandana 851339 and Ninja sword 851335

LEGO Chima - Laval sword 851355, Laval shield 851356, Cragger sword 850612, Cragger shield 850611, Sir Fangar claw 850921 and Sir Fangar shield 850923

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