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Summer Outreach Programs at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center

Can’t make it to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Chicago this summer? Then we’ll come to you! Our goal is to provide you with a fun-filled memorable experience.

Outreach programs are available 7 days a week, June – August, within a 30 mile radius of LEGOLAND Discovery Center or within about a 1 hour drive time. Reservations must be made 3 weeks in advance.

Programs are available for the following organizations:

  • School Classrooms
  • Library Youth Programs
  • Day Cares
  • Summer Camps

Summer Outreach Programs for Pre-school

Seasons Workshop

30 minutes | up to 30 participants | children work in groups of 2

Learn about the seasons the hands-on way. In this workshop participants will use LEGO bricks to build and share what they know about the current season; leading to a discussion on weather changes and important seasonal activities and events.

Summer Outreach Programs for 2nd – 6th Grade

What a Great Experience! Workshop

45 minutes | up to 30 participants | children work in groups of 2

In this workshop students will take inspiration from an experience they had in their own city, literally building their characters, setting and plot using LEGO elements. They will also write about their experience using their model as a visual referencing tool and share their story with others.

Comic Artist Workshop

1 hour | up to 30 participants | children work in groups of 3

This workshop calls for intense creativity! Participants will make their own scenes using LEGO bricks to snap photos for each frame of their comic. They will then edit each photo to make their visual story come to life. By the end of this workshop each participant will have created a unique piece of sequential art.

Bridge Workshop

45 minutes | up to 30 participants | children work in teams of 5

Fun and engaging, participants in this workshop will work in teams to reach a common goal while testing their architectural design to see if their team’s LEGO Bridge can withstand the weight of additional objects.

Creative Challenge & Open Play Package 

1 hour | free play event | all ages 

Bring a little bit of LEGOLAND Discovery Center to your event! Our staff will set up an area with LEGO bricks, DUPLO bricks, and soft bricks so that anyone at your event can come build with us.  Children are encouraged to build creations based on certain themes.  LEGOLAND will provide two model builder staff members to run the play area and help participants create their builds. 

Summer Pricing (June – August)
Seasons Workshop
What a Great Experience Workshop
Bridge Workshop
Comic Artist Workshop
Creative Challenge & Open Play Package


Email with your date, time and location request. Requested dates and time are subject to availability. Reservations must be made 3 weeks in advance. You will receive a confirmation email when your reservation is booked.


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