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Group admission rates are reserved for organized groups, such as church groups and family reunions and can only be booked with a minimum of 15 people. Please book at least one month in advance of your visit. You'll need at least 1 adult for every 5 children. Please note, if you add a workshop, each workshop can accomodate up to 32 students. To find out more, or book your Group Visit, please use our inquiry form below or call (816) 556-3234.

Group Pricing

Group admission rates are reserved for organized groups, such as church groups and family reunions and can only be booked with a minimum of 15 people.

Group Pricing
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Common Questions

Where are the restrooms?

We have only one restroom in the facility. It is located in a bright red hallway inside LEGOLAND by the Build and Test area of the attraction. If you would like to stop at the restroom before or after your visit, we recommend the main floor of the Crown Center retail shops, located right across the street.

Where do we park?

The bus can pull up on either side of Grand Blvd at 25th St. to drop off the students. After dropping the kids off at the entrance, the buses will want to continue south on Grand Boulevard and take a left at the stoplight (Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP is on the corner). There will be employee parking lots with open spots to park the bus(es) alongside the lots. If parents are driving separately, they can park in the garages on either side of 25th street and Grand Blvd. We validate garage tickets for up to 6 hours of free parking. Validation will be at the Admission of the attraction.

Where do we enter?

Groups will need to line up outside along the stone wall of LEGOLAND. If the host/greeter is not there upon arrival, have the leader of the group go into the Admissions to check-in. The host will come out to greet the group, give rules, and admit you into LEGOLAND.

Will you mail us tickets?

No, since you pre-booked your group with us you are good-to-go for entry when arriving at our attraction.

What do we do with our sack lunches?

Food and beverage is prohibited inside our attractions. You can either leave your sack lunches on the bus, or take them up to LUNCH LAND, located above our attraction. It is a free cafeteria-like setting available for groups and school visiting our attractions to use. You are welcome to store your lunches there, you are also welcome to eat them there.

How long is the visit?

On average, groups spend 2 – 2 ½ hours in LEGOLAND. We encourage kids to explore all of the hands-on activities, rides, and our 4D cinema!

Can our group exit and re-enter at a later time?

Unfortunately, they can not. We have groups arriving all day and do not have the flexibility with capacity to allow your group re-entry. You are welcome to stay in the attraction as long as you would like.

How do we pay?

Payment is due two weeks prior to your visit. If you have difficult meeting this deadline, please call us at 816.556.3234. We do not accept purchase orders, but are able to accept school checks by mail or credit cards over the phone. Do note that we do not do cash back refunds, only ticket compensations. Remember to include a copy of the tax exemption form with your check, or fax it to ATTN: TRADE SALES at 816.556.3248.

I will not know the quantity until the day-of our trip, how would payment work?

We understand the stress that comes with figuring out the exact amount of people you will have. If you are unsure of the quantity you will have attend, we will make exceptions and take payment day-of to avoid any over or under payments. Just give us a call at 816-556-3234 to explain the situation.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

The entire attraction is wheelchair accessible; however, we do not have wheelchairs available on site. We ask that you provide your own wheelchair if needed.


Spinning Tops: (Pre K-1st)

Engineering Design, Mathematics

In this exciting workshop students build LEGO® spinning tops, collect data on whose design spins the longest, while also learning about the forces that effect their top’s performance.

Seasons: (Pre K-1st)

Science, Speaking and listening

Help your early years’ students learn about the seasons the hands on way. In this workshop, students will build and share what they know about the current season; leading to a discussion on weather changes and important seasonal activities and events.

Spin the Gears: (Grades 2nd-3rd)

Engineering Design, Mathematics

Gears, gears, gears! In this workshop students will build a series of models and experiment with gears exploring the difference between drive vs. driven gears, clockwise vs. counterclockwise, and discovering the concepts of effort and force.

What a Great Experience! (Grades 2nd-6th)

English Language Arts

In this workshop, students will take inspiration from MINILAND and recount an experience they have had in their city, literally building their characters, setting, and plot using LEGO elements. They will also write about their experience using their

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