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LEGOLAND ® Discovery Center Kansas City and LEGO® Education have joined forces to bring an all-new line up of curriculum-relevant, educational workshops to local teachers. With 2 million LEGO ® bricks under one roof, the sky’s the limit at LEGOLAND ® Discovery Center Kansas City. The addition of LEGO Education’s tried and true learning resources offers you the ideal place to let your class experience a world of fun and creativity while developing important 21st Century skills.

What we offer teachers

What we offer teachers:

LEGO Education Learning Philosophy

LEGO Education’s hands-on learning solutions enable elementary school students to achieve curriculum goals across science, mathematics, language arts, technology, and engineering design while also building and reinforcing the most fundamental learning skills of the 21st century: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity, Critical Thinking, and Problem Solving. All of our classroom solutions, are based on the theory of constructionism, a school of thought which starts with the conviction that children learn best when they experience things firsthand and within a meaningful context. Unlike simply memorizing abstract principles, we believe experimenting with concrete materials leads to deeper engagement and more memorable learning outcomes - especially when the students perceive their work as relevant.

LEGO Education solutions combine specially selected LEGO bricks with learning activities designed by education experts and are ideal for hands-on learning. All of our solutions require students to experiment with tangible models - building memorable, curriculum-related knowledge as they construct solutions to carefully formulated challenges.

At LEGO Education, we have turned constructionist principles of learning and knowledge about effective learning into a practical process that is supported in all of our classroom solutions.

We offer teachers well-designed, age appropriate, school trips that support educational curriculum standards. All LEGOLAND Discovery Center workshops:

  • Integrate hands-on materials and activities designed by LEGO Education in collaboration with real-world educators
  • Meet current education standards bringing math, science, engineering, and language arts to life
  • Develop 21st century learning skills of communication, collaboration, critical-thinking, and problem solving

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Choose from the following series of LEGO ® Education workshops, developed in conjunction with practicing teachers. We also provide workshop guides for teachers, which can be downloaded below.

Workshop cost is $4.00  per student. 


Grades Pre K – 1st | Science, Speaking and Listening | Materials Used: StoryTales Set
Help your early years’ students learn about the seasons the hands-on way. In this workshop students will build and share what they know about the current season; leading to a discussion on weather changes and important seasonal activities and events.
Standards Addressed:
CCSS: SL.1.1.B; SL.1.4; SL.1.6

View our Seasons teacher resources

Spinning Tops

Grades Pre K – 1st | Engineering Design, Mathematics | Materials Used: Early Simple Machines III Set
In this exciting workshop students build LEGO® spinning tops, collect data on whose design spins the longest, while also learning about the forces that affect their tops performance.
Standards Addressed:
NGSS: K-2-ETS1-1; K-2-ETS1-2; K-2-ETS1-3

View our Spinning Tops teacher resources 

What a Great Experience!

Grades 2nd – 6th | English Language Arts | Materials Used: StoryStarter Set
Engaging students in reading and writing can be a challenge, but not when they build and tell their story using LEGO bricks! In this workshop, students will take inspiration from LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City’s MINILAND and recount an experience they have had in their city, literally building their characters, setting, and plot using LEGO elements. They will also write about their experience using their model as a visual referencing tool and share their story with others.
Standards Addressed:
CCSS: SL.CCR.4; SL.CCR.6; L.5.1.c; L.CCR.1

View our StoryStarter teacher resources

Spin the Gears

Grades 2nd – 3rd | Engineering Design, Mathematics | Materials Used: Simple Machines Set

Gears, gears, gears! In this workshop students will build a series of models and experiment with gears exploring the difference between drive vs. driven gears, clockwise vs. counterclockwise, and discovering the concepts of effort and force.

Standards Addressed
NGSS:  K-2-ETS1-1; K-2-ETS1-

View our Spin the Gears teacher resources 


Grades 4th – 6th | Engineering Design, Mathematics | Materials Used: Simple Machines Set

This workshop provides a fun, hands-on way to get students excited about engineering, design, and mathematics. Students build a LEGO® merry-go-round to explore gear ratios then experiment with gear trains to see which combination enables their ride to spin the fastest.

Standards Addressed:
NGSS:  K-2-ETS1-1; K-2-ETS1-2

View our Merry-Go-Round teacher resources 

Common questions

How do I book a school visit?

Call (816) 471-4386 to book or check availability. We are unable to process group visits on our website at this time. 

Do we have to book in advance?

Yes, to benefit from the discounted rate you need to book in advance.

We recommend that you book your school visit at least one month in advance. Call (816) 471-4386 to book or check availability.

What do we do with our sack lunches? 

Outside food & beverage is strictly prohibited inside our attractions. It works best to store your lunches on the bus until you are finished at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City. Then, eat a picnic sack lunch on the Crown Center Square! If it’s raining or you’d rather eat indoors, the atrium of Crown Center mall is available. It is free and you do not need a reservation to use the space. We are unable to accommodate lunches to be stored inside LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City during your visit.

Can we get the school rate at the weekends?

Yes, the school rate is available every day of the week, but workshops are only available on weekdays.

Do you offer the same group services for Pre-school/Kindergarten groups?

Yes, we do.

Where do the buses drop off the students?

Buses will be able to drop students off at Crown Center on Grand Boulevard.

Drop off and parking information will be available on a map sent with your school booking information.

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To check availability, or book your trip, please call (816) 471-4386 or use our Inquiry form above.

Should you have any further questions at all, please contact Katelyn Cook, our group sales representative.

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