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Creative Crew Entry - Cole

21st March, 2014

East Brunswick, NJ

I am the world's biggest Lego Fan. I am going to be a Lego Master Builder when I grow up. The picture I included shows me in my Lego Workshop where I spend many hours building my creations. The one I am holding is my latest vehicle.  

Legos are my gift for every occasion and I own over 100 sets.  I participate in a Lego robotics class. My best Christmas gift ever was my Lego Mindstorm. In school, I wrote an essay about the history of Legos. I’m a Lego expert.

EVERYONE knows I LOVE LEGOS. My dream came true in November when my family went to Legoland in Florida. I got to meet a master builder. If I am chosen to be part of the Lego Crew at Westchester EVERYTHING WOULD BE AWESOME, EVERYTHING WOULD BE COOL BECAUSE I WOULD BE PART OF A TEAM LIVING OUT A DREAM!!!

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