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Creative Crew Entry - Krish

21st March, 2014

Rochelle Park, NJ


I should be part of the construction crew because I have LEGO fever! My symptoms include non-stop playing with LEGO’s, it’s contagious (my brother joins me), tons of FUN and EXCITEMENT! I live & sleep LEGO’s! Every nook, corner and room has LEGO’s in it. My parents don’t like this decoration/play style, but I love this because as soon as an idea comes to me I start building!

I am the biggest LEGO fan because whenever l can get a new toy, I always say “LEGO’s please”. LEGO is my MOST favorite toy in the world and they’re awesome. When someone asks me “what do you want to do when you grow up?, I say “Lego Master” and this would be an AWESOME training chance.

Thank you for reading and your time and see some photos of my LEGO creations.

Serious LEGO FAN ;-),

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