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Best Immersive Experience in Dallas

  • Wednesday August 16th 2023

4D Cinema Small | LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth is famed for its immersive experience, thanks to its unique attractions. For many visitors, the level of detail and interactive nature of the LEGO® characters keeps them returning. So, if you are a teacher or parent who has never brought the kids to LEGOLAND Discovery Center, you are missing out. Besides our interactive space, we have other nearby attractions like the SEA LIFE Aquarium, Peppa Pig World of Play, the AMC Dine-In Cinema, the Rainbow Vomit Art Experience, and the Van Gogh Exhibit. Here's a guide to the places worth visiting for the best immersive experience in Dallas. 

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas / Fort Worth

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth is the perfect destination to release your inner child and provide your kids with a new immersive childhood experience. This attraction involves lots of hands-on activities. Explore the interactive city of MINILAND, where airships fly above the city, and the lights slowly fade to show a change from day to night. Some notable buildings include Fort Worth Stockyards and the Southfork Ranch. 

The LEGO® 4D Cinema offers another immersive experience, from the action-packed storyline to the exciting snow and wind effects. The fun continues at Kingdom Quest, where even though heroes do not wear capes, they do save the princess from trolls. In Merlin's apprentice ride, only those who pedal the enchanted cart can reach Merlin's magic potion chamber. Not every day do you get to meet and greet your favorite LEGO® characters, so make sure you take lots of family selfies. 

Improve the kids' motor skills by letting them build a LEGO® vehicle and put it to the test on the LEGO® ramps. Learn the art of Spinjitzu at Ninjago City before heading to LEGO® City to arrest the woodland robbers trying to get away with the city's gold. Make friends at Heartlake City before ending your trip with a nice afternoon splash at the Pirate Beach, where a pirate vessel awaits your arrival so you can take over as the fun captain. 

The LEGO® coffee shop offers delectable snacks and beverages. Also, a LEGO® store inside the attraction sells merchandise from toys to miniature LEGO® characters. Remember to carry old LEGO® miniatures for a chance to trade with the LEGOLAND Discovery Center staff for new ones. 

LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers multiple gate pass options that cater to all groups, including boy and girl scouts, families, school trips, and groups. Standard visit passes offer a one-time pass to the attraction. You might want to consider annual passes, which offer four options. The Visit Anytime Combo Annual Passes are a fantastic way to ensure you and your family have everyday access to both LEGOLAND Discovery Center and SEA LIFE Aquarium, discounts for birthday packages, and when purchasing products at the LEGO® store. 

Note that with a combination ticket, you and your loved ones only need to pay for one gate ticket that will give you access to SEA LIFE Aquarium and Peppa Pig World of Play. If you wish to celebrate your kid's birthday at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth, you can choose from the three available packages; ultimate, premium, and value birthday. The ultimate package is famous thanks to its countless benefits, including one and a half hours in a private room, an exclusive LEGO® build-and-test zone experience, and a personalized identification tag for the birthday celebrant. 

Teachers planning school trips can choose the school ticket or the school + workshop ticket. The latter is the recommended option. The kids will immerse themselves in the twelve attractions and participate in workshops beneficial to their everyday life and the future world. 

The scouts' tickets have several packages from which to choose. However, you must ensure the teams comprise at least ten members. Take advantage of the kids' workshop, available to preschool up to 6th-grade students 

SEA LIFE Aquarium at Grapevine Mills Mall

Don't leave the Grapevine Mills Mall yet, as the sea turtles want to show you how grateful they are to live in these peaceful waters. Dive deep into the ocean by exploring Texas's only 360-degree ocean tunnel. Watch the lovely staff at SEA LIFE feed the sharks and learn fun facts about these underwater predators. Smile at the breath-taking stingrays before heading to the jellyfish exhibit for a mind-blowing display and understand where flashlight fish get their name. Lastly, after exploring thousands of sea creatures, head to the interactive touch pools and touch creatures, including sea stars and anemones. 

Peppa Pig's World of Play Dallas / Fort Worth

Grapevine Mills Mall seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. Because after your run-in with the robbers at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth, it's time for a different kind of thrill. The World of Play was the first in the U.S., featuring fourteen attractions in a 14,000-square-foot space. 

Once you walk in, you'll first encounter Miss Rabbit, who will take you inside the play areas via a big red bus. You'll notice hand rings inside, a feature common in British buses where those standing can support themselves. It will be almost impossible to contain your toddlers' excitement once you step off the bus. The immersive experience will make them feel like they have stepped onto the show's set. 

The realistic-looking gas pumps at Grandad Dog's Garage will have the little ones squealing with joy as they fuel their tricycles. The kids can also visit the car wash, climb, and sit inside the crane. Mr. Zebra's Post Van accepts deliveries; your kids can drive the van. Visit the Sensory Garden using Grandpa Pig's train and watch out for the creepy crawlies along the way. Make sure to water the flowers and say hi to the ducks at the pond. 

Next, visit Peppa Pig's house, whip up a quick sandwich, watch T.V. as you enjoy it, clean the dishes, and sort the bin before leaving. Don't forget to check if Peppa Pig's clothes are in the washer and turn on the machine. Play with George at George's Dinosaur Discovery before going on Rebecca Rabbit's Underground Adventure to climb the rope and get on the slide. The World of Play wouldn't be accurate without the Muddy Puddles.  

Take a break by visiting the Theatre and choosing a bean bag before catching up on an episode of Peppa Pig. Grab refreshments and snacks at the Peppa Pig-themed Campervan and Picnic Area, and find any of the free faux blankets.  

Time to continue the adventure inside the bus for a School Bus Trip. You'll notice an interactive screen that gives the illusion of a moving bus. Also, what is a school trip without a sing-along? Afterward, you can help Miss Rabbit stock up on food items at the Supermarket before walking over to Peppa Pig's Treehouse and George Pig's Fort, the main playground area. 

Peppa Pig World of Play has a gift store with exclusive merch and a playroom where visitors can celebrate birthdays with Peppa Pig and her family. Lastly, check out Daddy Pig's Lost & Found Activity Pack, which contains a scavenger hunt where you and the kids can try and find the items that Daddy Pig misplaced around the attraction. 

AMC Dine-in Cinema

Live vicariously through your favorite Marvel or DC character by visiting the AMC Dine-in Cinema at the Grapevine Mills Mall. Enjoy delectable meals and comfortable recliners thanks to the Cinema Suites ® seat-side food service. Leverage the Theatre's wide selection, including Prime at AMC and IMAX, for the best family cinema experience. 

Rainbow Vomit Art Experience

Immerse yourself in a universe of light, explosive art, and sound at Rainbow Vomit, the interactive exhibit close to Fair Park in Dallas, Texas. The monochromatic décor at the entrance includes a black-and-white desk, fireplace, and bar, which does not prepare you for the attractions inside the space. 

It's impossible to miss the ribbons up the ceilings whose colors change from black and white and slowly turn into the rest of the rainbow colors following the ROYGBIV color wheel. This 2600-square-foot exhibit has eight rooms, all with family-friendly displays. Also, the entire installation includes more than 10,000 LEDs, 2000 Balloons, 300 pounds of cotton, 4 miles of ribbon, and a giant unicorn. 

Its creators, Deanna Theis, Rob Andrews, and Jason Mendez, spent five months working with more than twenty creatives to bring the exhibit to life. And when asked in an interview, Andrews stated that the name Rainbow Vomit arose from a passing remark about the current art exhibit he was working on that did not have a name then. He added that the name was very fitting as Rainbow Vomit is "a juxtaposition, messy and beautiful at the same time- perfectly imperfect." Pop art and comics were instrumental in the creation of Rainbow Vomit. And the creators have stated that their work pays homage to Andy Warhol while showcasing the creators' creativity. 

Expect a convergence between comic characters and unicorns, which the creators have discovered appeals to fathers and their daughters. What’s more, this immersive art exhibit encourages photography. So, bring your best camera and take as many 'Instagrammable' selfies and family photos as possible. 

An additional attraction at Rainbow Vomit is "The Rising," a dynamic musical performance that showcases the beautiful blend of live dance with tech-enabled mapping techniques, offering an otherworldly audio-visual experience. UK group HÆLOS is responsible for the eclectic musical arrangements that will transport you into a world of raised consciousness. 

Van Gogh Exhibit

Four things are true about the Van Gogh Exhibit, 360-degree projections of Van Gogh's work, a VR experience of eight of his legendary works, and a chance to rediscover art and put your paintings on display. 

Located in Lighthouse, Dallas the installation features animated works such as Mangeurs de pommes de terre (The Potato Eaters, 1885), La Chambre à coucher (The Bedroom, 1889), and the Nuit étoilée (Starry Night, 1889). The creators behind this immersive experience are Massimiliano Siccardi and Luca Longobardi, famous for trailblazing immersive art in France. 

If you are unfamiliar with the genius Van Gogh, a short backstory will provide insights into the inspiration behind his paintings and portraits. Vincent Van Gogh checked himself into the Saint-Paul asylum in Provence in May 1889. Unfortunately, he had self-mutilated during the festive season and was afraid that his mental health would lead to another nervous breakdown. 

The asylum's location, including its proximity to the Mediterranean coast and position in the Chaîne des Alpilles mountains, promised to give him the environment needed to improve his mental well-being and continue making art. Van Gogh stayed here for a year, then checked himself out. Two months later, he died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Despite his mental troubles, he created one hundred and fifty canvases during his stay at the asylum. 

Today, you can experience this immersive art at the Van Gogh Exhibit in Dallas. His quintessential self-portrait hangs at the entrance, describing his wins and mental struggles. Note that the exhibit displays the different seasons of his life. Therefore, you'll get to experience mixed emotions of highs and lows. 

A few steps in, you'll see a projection of Van Gogh's paintings with a soundtrack to match the emotions, giving you a 360-degree interactive experience. The exhibit occurs in three rooms, and the animated projections last about thirty-five minutes before looping. Each of these spaces has a different seating arrangement. 

The first one is tiny and has wooden benches. The second exhibition room is spacious, with stools and folding chairs. The third one only has standing space and an eye-catching mirror sculpture, centrally placed, highlighting Van Gogh's paintings. Exploring each room gives you a unique perspective on the paintings. For instance, the second room offers an aerial view, and Van Gogh's projections are on the walls and floor. 

While it may take about forty minutes to get through the exhibit, we recommend rewatching it to see to it that you don’t miss anything. Also, you'll appreciate the seamless transition from room to room that helps tell the story. The Van Gogh Exhibit is a must-visit for art lovers and families looking for a family-friendly activity in Dallas. 

Take Advantage of the Immersive Experiences in Dallas Today!

Dallas has a lot to offer its residents and tourists. Families and school children at LEGOLAND Discovery Center can experience a day of skill-building and learning. With our combination tickets, you can visit Peppa Pig and meet all her family and friends while trying to help him find his lost items. See over five thousand sea creatures, including sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, and rescued sea turtles. You don't need to go far to enjoy a family-friendly cinema experience, as AMC Dine-in Cinema is nearby. Visit Rainbow Vomit and enjoy the interactive dance and musical performance. Then, immerse yourself in the colorful displays. Finally, end your immersive experience adventure with the Van Gogh Exhibit. With children about to go on spring break, purchase your online passes in advance if you want to avoid waiting in queues.