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Birthday (1)
  • Wednesday August 16th 2023

Birthday Parties at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth

Birthdays are a special day for kids. From celebrating it with family and classmates to receiving gifts, children have high expectations for how this day will go. If you have been observing your child's birthday at home, how about you consider switching it up this year and giving them an action-packed, adrenaline-filled day they will always remember? Here are five ideas for kids' birthdays in Dallas/Fort Worth.

4D Cinema Small | LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago
  • Wednesday August 16th 2023

Best Immersive Experience in Dallas

LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth is famed for its immersive experience, thanks to its unique attractions. For many visitors, the level of detail and interactive nature of the LEGO® characters keeps them returning. So, if you are a teacher or parent who has never brought the kids to LEGOLAND Discovery Center, you are missing out. Besides our interactive space, we have other nearby attractions like the SEA LIFE Aquarium, Peppa Pig World of Play, the AMC Dine-In Cinema, the Rainbow Vomit Art Experience, and the Van Gogh Exhibit. Here's a guide to the places worth visiting for the best immersive experience in Dallas.

Mega-Awesome LEGO Creations | LEGOLAND Discovery Cneter Chicago
  • Wednesday August 16th 2023

Best Things to Do with Kids in Dallas

Dallas has so many family-friendly activities that deciding where to go first can become overwhelming. You've come to the right place because here are the best things to do with kids this year. Keep reading to see your next family adventure.

LEGOLAND Discovery Center + SEA LIFE + Peppa Pig World Of Play
  • Wednesday August 16th 2023

Combination Tickets

Legoland Discovery Center Dallas / Fort Worth is the ultimate kids' playground, with over twelve attractions guaranteeing an adventure-filled day. Even better are the combination tickets we offer to visit the nearby attractions at Grapevine Mills. Here's why you should get the combo tickets for your next LEGOLAND Discovery Center visit.

City Forest Ranger Pursuit
  • Wednesday August 16th 2023

The 10 best fun places for kids in Dallas

Are you visiting Dallas for the first time? The metropolitan city offers the best attractions that cater to all ages. We have you covered if you are looking for places to visit with the kids during the day. From building and racing car models at LEGOLAND Discovery Center to a day spent learning about life cycles and the importance of the environment, here is our list of ten fun places to visit in Dallas.