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Duplo Farm 4

DUPLO® Village

LEGO® DUPLO® bricks are designed to inspire the builders of tomorrow at LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Tokyo. DUPLO Village is a great place for smaller children to start developing their building skills with our large soft play bricks and pits of DUPLO bricks. Can you build the tallest stack of bricks?


Did you know children develop vital skills when they play with DUPLO® bricks?

Excellent for children aged 1 – 5 years, LEGO® DUPLO Jams are catchy songs to feed children's imagination and a great way to get kids excited about their trip to LEGOLAND® Discovery Center.

Listen to our LEGO® DUPLO Jams using the links below, and start building. Don't forget to share with us your new builds or building tips when you are visiting!

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