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Become a LEGO® City Champion!

Join us from March 31st to May 31st!

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Become a LEGO® City Champion!

  • March 31st to May 31st
  • 11 am to 5 pm (Hours may vary please check the website for all hours)
  • Starting at $25.99 per person All event activities are included in the cost of admission.
  • Best for ages 3-10

Complete the challenges and become a LEGO® City Champion!

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Become a Champion!

Can you complete the challenges and become the ultimate LEGO® City Champion? 

  • Decode the symbols with the Exploration Champion Challenge! 
  • Rescue as many animals as you can with the Rescue Champion Challenge! 
  • Become a stunt master with the Stunt Champion Challenge! 
  • Explore your imagination with the Imagination Champion Challenge! 
  • Meet the Fire Fighter and Police Officer Mascots on the weekends! (subject to availability) 
  • Build a parade float in the Creative Workshop 
  • Explore the city in Miniland! 

When entering the attraction all guests will get 4 exclusive mission cards and a card-wallet to store their cards. Complete the challenges to earn silver stars!

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