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Birthday Parties at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth

  • Wednesday August 16th 2023

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LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas is the perfect destination for kids, offering a fun, adventurous, and unforgettable experience. Every corner offers something worth exploring. Merlin's apprentice ride will have your kid pedaling their LEGO® cart as fast as possible to become Merlin's mentee. Also, children love action heroes, so imagine getting to become one. Your munchkin gets to save the princess from trolls in Kingdom Quest. Next, it's only right that the kids watch a 4D movie after this quest. From helicopter pursuits to car chases, there are plenty of fun characters to meet at LEGOLAND Discovery Center. 

All that hard work calls for a break, and what better way to get one than to go on a space mission? Once you bring the kids back to earth, take them to Miniland to explore this interactive city. A few places you'll see include the AT&T Stadium and Southfork Ranch. 

Take the kids to meet their favorite LEGO® friends and take selfies at Heartlake City. Afterward, they can build their own LEGO® vehicles and race them down the ramps to see whose is the fastest. Pack the kids' swimming suits for an afternoon of treasure hunts, splashing in fountains, and dodging water jets. 

Here are the birthday party options to consider for your kid's visit. 

Ultimate Birthday Party Package

The Ultimate Birthday Party Package comes with a list of exciting perks. You get a private birthday room for up to 45 guests, a dedicated birthday host, an exclusive LEGO building experience, VIP Digital Photo Card + Print Package for the Birthday Celebrant, and a take-home souvenir cup for the Birthday Celebrant. 

Premium Birthday Party Package 

Are you planning to invite a smaller group? If yes, the premium birthday party package might be for you. You can invite up to 25 guests and get a private birthday party room. The party package includes a dedicated birthday host, an activity Pack for each child, and a VIP Digital Photo Card for the Birthday Celebrant. 

Value Birthday Party Package 

The value party package offers admission for up to thirty people, comes with an activity pack for every child, and discounted tickets for adults at $30 per child. The birthday celebrant gets an exclusive LEGO® model and customized LEGOLAND Discovery Center invitations to share via print or email. 

Regular Visit 

The regular visit covers a group of less than ten. This option is, therefore, ideal if you are only visiting with family members and a few close friends. This tour does not have a guide. Accordingly, as a parent, you must tailor the experience around your munchkin's favorite LEGO® characters and adventures. 

Preparing for Your Birthday Party 

Plan the best birthday party with the help of our party guide. 


LEGOLAND Discovery Center offers personalized invitations available to print or email.   


LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas is at Mall Entry 5 in Grapevine Mills Mall. Parking is free, and drop-off areas are outside the attraction. 

What to bring 

Remember to bring your order confirmation! You can bring in either a printed version or show us the email confirmation on your phone.  

Write down a guest list and take it with you for the day of the trip. This list will assist the admission staff in checking in guests.  

Food and Drinks 

The pizzas provided will contain wheat, soybean, and milk. Therefore, parents must inform staff about any special dietary needs. Additional pizza requests should go out a week before the visit to LEGOLAND Discovery Center. Also, Ultimate and Premium Birthday Parties include Pizza and Drinks for your guests! We encourage you to bring your birthday cake or cupcakes, but please remember that outside food or drink is prohibited.   


We offer a storage cart to store gifts, cakes, and other miscellaneous items. Note, there's no need to bring cutlery as our staff will provide cups, plates, and other party supplies. 


For the attractions, remember that adults must ride with a child in Kingdom Quest if the child is under 51 inches. Children must be at least 36 inches to enter Merlin's apprentice ride. Even so, only those 48 inches and above can ride alone. Also, only children between 4 and 13 can ride the Forest Ranger Pursuit ride. 

It's best to share the drop-off and pick-up locations before the day of the visit. Parents not staying for the birthday party can have an easier time picking up their kids when the party's over. 

Booking Process 

The booking process is straightforward and online-based. This package does not include a private party room. The admission limit of thirty should consist of adults and children. You can book online reservations at least one day in advance, and they can only be completed after payment is made in full. Once you secure the value birthday party package, you will receive a confirmation email which you must show on the day of your arrival. 

Payment and Cancellation 

To complete payment for the value birthday package, visit the website. Remember, you can only book via our site, as we do not accept phone payments. Select the value package option, the correct quantity, and the date and time of your event. Note that the calendar only shows the empty slots. Package updates are possible up until one week before the visit. 

As for cancellations, LEGOLAND Discovery Center does not offer refunds. It's, therefore, best to move your reservation to a different date. Ensure to reschedule and notify the birthday party team three weeks before the party day. 

What To Expect: Premium and Ultimate Birthday Party Packages 



  • $1200.00 All-Inclusive Package 
  • $750.00 All-Inclusive Per Person Price 
  • up to 45 guests 
  • up to 25 guests 
  • Ultimate Package Includes: 
  • Premium Package Includes: 
  • Admission into LEGOLAND Discovery Center for up to 45 people (children and adults total) 
  • Admission into LEGOLAND Discovery Center for up to 25 people (children and adults total) 
  • 90 Minutes in our private birthday party room 
  • 60 Minutes in our private birthday party room 
  • A dedicated birthday host from our team  
  • A dedicated birthday host from our team  
  • Pizza & Drinks to accommodate up to 45 people  
  • Pizza & Drinks to accommodate up to 25 people  
  • Activity Pack for each child 
  • Activity Pack for each child 
  • Exclusive LEGO model building experience  
  • LEGO take home build for every child 
  • Master Model Builder meet & greet  
  • VIP Digital Photo Card for the Birthday Celebrant  
  • Special visit from the Hot dog guy, our mascot, or one of his LEGO friends 


  • VIP Digital Photo Card + Print Package for the Birthday Celebrant  


  • Custom Minifigure Factory experience for the Birthday Celebrant  


  • Take home Souvenir cup for the Birthday Celebrant  


  • Custom name tag for the Birthday Celebrant 


  • Access to all of our play experiences, rides and 4D Cinema after the party time 



No outside food or drink is permitted except for cupcakes and the birthday cake. Our coffee shop serves nachos, pizza, delectable snacks, and beverages. 

We can offer various foods from our coffee shop. We can't guarantee that the pizza in the birthday package will be gluten and allergen-free. Therefore, it's best to contact us at 

We offer water. Guests can choose two drinks choices: coke, lemonade, and Sprite. We don't provide any additional beverages. 

You may order additional pizzas at $10 a minimum of three days in advance. You may also visit the coffee shop to supplement your food offerings. 

LEGOLAND Discovery Center does not provide candles. You may only bring one candle; only a Legoland birthday team member can light it for safety reasons. 

The value birthday package does not include a private party room. Therefore, you only need to purchase extra tickets at the mall's entrance. If this were a different package with a private room offering, you would only have admission for up to 45 or 25 people depending on the package. The rest would need to buy gate tickets and explore the attraction but not enter the private room. 

We only provide guests with a birthday cart to hold miscellaneous items related to the birthday party. Note that LEGOLAND Discovery Center is not liable for lost items.  

Our staff will be more than delighted to carry out a walk-through session. We recommend doing it weeks in advance. Note that we only do it between Monday and Friday. 

No, we only accept full payments to complete the reservation, and this can only be done via our website and not through mobile. 

The value birthday package does not include a private room. Therefore, you can explore the center for as long as you wish during the center's opening hours. Those who select the private room option can only use it for 90 minutes. 

A special corral is available for visitors coming to the center for a birthday party. Therefore, none of your birthday guests will have to get in the queue. 

Yes, we do. However, this depends on how busy the attraction is at that time. Weekends are the most engaged, so you might not successfully take rides as a group. 

SEA LIFE Grapevine Mall Birthday Celebration 

SEA LIFE Aquarium is another ideal place to celebrate your child's special day with an underwater adventure. There are over ten attractions to explore. The sea turtle rescue center offers an insider view of the threats these turtles face in the wild and the work involved in rehabilitating them. The kids will get to visit turtles receiving treatment in the turtle hospital. 

A stroll inside the 360-degree ocean tunnel is a nice birthday treat. The kids will come nose to fin with stingrays, fish, and sharks. Is it an underwater adventure unless the kids interact with sea creatures? The rockpool at SEA LIFE Aquarium has anemones and sea stars where children can dip their fingers. Thanks to these creatures' upbeat nature, the Stingray exhibit is bound to have every kid smiling. 

Feel the Amazon at the rainforest adventure exhibit, where piranhas bark and get mesmerized by the sight of translucent jellyfish. Watch out for the bright light coming from the darker areas of the aquarium, a sign that the flashlight fish is around. The feeding demonstrations are a crowd-pleaser. Watch as the staff at SEA LIFE feed the turtles and their encounter with the seven shark species. 

Peppa Pig World of Play Birthday Celebration 

Celebrate a snorty birthday filled with giggles and muddy puddles at Peppa Pig World of Play. Create an 'oinktastic' memory for your little one by taking them to meet their favorite British piggy, Peppa Pig, and her loved ones. The kids can visit Peppa Pig's house to explore the kitchen and living room. See if there are enough ingredients to prepare a sandwich for all the guests and devour it as you watch TV.  

More fun awaits at the muddy puddles section. Peppa Pig and her family will be glad to jump with the kids. The next stop is Granddad Dog's Garage, where the kids can fill up their trikes and take them to the car wash. The kids can offer Miss Rabbit a hand at the supermarket as she shops for groceries and lunch ingredients. 

The adventures continue at Rebecca Rabbit's Adventure. The kids will have a blast sliding down tunnels, jumping down more muddy puddles, and exploring the Rabbits' family bedroom. Climb Peppa Pig's treehouse for a panoramic view of Peppa Pig's world.  

Birthdays are synonymous with singalongs, so you know what that means; Madame Gazelle's school bus trip beckons. Join Peppa Pig and her friends and sing 'Wheels on the Bus,' joining with 'oinktastic' instruments. 

The next stop is Grandpa Pig's train. Join George and Peppa Pig for a trip to Grandma Pig's sensory garden. The kids are going to need something in their bellies after this trip. We recommend going to the campervan café. Daddy Pig is ready to serve you hot and cold drinks and snack baskets here. 

Pop into Peppa Pig's gift store for a group photograph. Take the World of Play thrill home by getting Peppa Pig's Lost & Found Activity Pack. There are lots of games, clues, and an ID card. 

Throw an Unforgettable Birthday Party at LEGOLAND Discovery Center Dallas/Fort Worth 

Make your child's dreams come true this year by bringing them to Legoland for their birthday. With over twelve attractions and rides, this birthday trip will be all they talk about all year. We offer various birthday packages, including the Ultimate Birthday Party package that admits 45 people, comes with a private room, and a Master Model Builder meet and greet. The Premium Birthday Party package also includes a private room, admits 25 people, an activity park for all children, and a LEGO® take-home kit for each child. Don't need a private room for your birthday party? The Value Birthday Party package is perfect for you. 

Take advantage of our combination tickets to make the most out of your Grapevine Mills visit. A triple combo ticket will give you access to Peppa Pig World of Play, where you can take the kids to explore their favorite piggy's house and play areas. It will also get you up close with over 5000 sea creatures at SEA LIFE Aquarium. Book now for an unforgettable LEGO-themed kids' party.