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April 19th to May 26th

Play Unstoppable Festival Event

Unleash your creativity superpowers!

Play Unstoppable Festival Event

  • April 19th to May 26th
  • 11am - 5pm *Hours may vary, please see website for all hours
  • Starting at $23.99 per person
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Play Unstoppable Festival!

Unleash your creativity superpowers at Play Unstoppable! Play all day with the following activities:

  • Build your festival animal in the Creative Workshop.
  • Create the perfect flower and add it to the garden on the Flower Cart.
  • Find all the Minifigures and their affirmations in MINILAND.
  • Catch the all-new LEGO® Friends 4D Movie at the theater.
  • Get creative with your name by building your own initials.
  • Express yourself at the Dance Party!

Become unstoppable from April 19th to May 26th!

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