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LEGO® 4D Cinema | LEGOLAND Discovery Center Chicago

Eye-Popping, Hot Dog Flinging Fun!

Join your favorite LEGO characters on action-packed adventures in our 4D Cinema! Watch out for supercharged wind, rain and snow effects as they burst off the big screen and bring the movies to life! ( dogs not included!)

Featured Movies Include:

  • LEGO® City: Report For Duty™!
    While patrolling the LEGO® City streets, a hapless police officer bumps into a mischievous wanted criminal on the loose. Featuring bricktastic high speed vehicle chases, thrilling helicopter pursuits and more! Want to build your own race car to report for duty? Head over to our Build and Test area to make your super-fast creation!
  • The LEGO® Movie™ 4D A New Adventure
    Join loveable, unlikely hero Emmet and The LEGO®Movie™ gang on an epic new adventure. Can Emmet stop the new villain, scheming trickster Risky Business, and his evil secret plot to save the day
  • The LEGO® NINJAGO® Movie
    Join the ninja’s as they show off their awesome LEGO NINJAGO moves in a super-cool and explosive 4D adventure. Unravel the teachings of the Scroll to master the 4th Dimension and harness the power of the elements in this exclusively awesome cinematic experience!


  • Maximum one person per seat
  • We have 3 movies and they are all included with your general admission
  • Different Movies run every 20-30 minutes. Show times vary daily, so check our schedule once you arrive!
  • As an added safety measure, this attraction experience may be temporarily adjusted