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Build & Inspire

Build amazing creations, and check out mega-giant LEGO builds!
Miniland Kc


Explore and interact with the City of Fountains at our spectacular miniature LEGO® replica of the city's most loved landmarks built from over 1.5 million LEGO® bricks! Our mischievous Minifigures love hiding in MINILAND! Who will you spot?

Build And Test 1920X1080

Build & Test

Build a super speedy vehicle and race against your friends on the test track at our Build & Test zone. Will your car zoom across the finish line first? Ready. Set. GO!

Academy Workshop

Creative Workshop


LEGO lovers will learn insider tips and building secrets alongside a Master Model Builder or Playmaker at our hands-on workshops!

LEGO Friends | LEGOLAND Discovery Center

LEGO® Friends

Bring the LEGO® Friends story to life with Andrea, Mia, Olivia, Stephanie and Emma as you add your own creations to the colorful Heartlake city. Whether you love music, science, sports, nature or art, you'll be inspired by each of the fab five's unique personalities in this interactive build area.



Budding builders can let their imaginations loose in our animal-themed DUPLO® Farm! Build a colorful flower for the garden or wiggle and slide around the cottage. Which animals will you spot?

Art Gallery Teaser

Art Gallery

Build an artistic masterpiece on the LEGO Art Gallery Wall! Grab a flat brick plate and fill it up with colorful one-by-one brick however you choose! Then, display your masterpiece on the Art Gallery Wall among dozens of unique creations!

Train Station Teaser

Train Station Adventure

Families can use their imaginations to build their own LEGO® trains together and then test it on the tracks through the city to the countryside- all on a 15-foot-long LEGO® build table!

Earthquake Table 7 5

Earthquake Tables

Ever tried to build the tallest tower imaginable from LEGO bricks? YES! Have you tested the strength of your tower when an earthquake suddenly rattles the earth? NO! Test your building skills today at the earthquake table!