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LEGOLAND® Discovery Center has collaborated with LEGO® Education to provide unique, high quality learning experiences. Our workshops are designed to bring math, science, engineering and language to life and encourage skills in communication, collaboration, critical-thinking and problem solving. Discover the learning philosophy of LEGO Education in the thrilling atmosphere of LEGOLAND Discovery Center, offering a wonderful balance of learning and fun!

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LEGO® Seasons

Our Pre-school program taps in to young children's innate desire to explore, investigate and learn. See your pre-schoolers imagine, create and explore whole new worlds with oversize LEGO® bricks designed to fit perfectly in small hands. We believe that playing is the best way to learn for pre-schoolers and LEGOLAND® Discovery Center is the ultimate LEGO classroom.

Help your young students learn about the seasons the hands-on way. In this workshop students will build and share what they know about the current season; leading to a discussion on changes in weather and important seasonal activities and events.

  • Grade Level: Pre-school
  • Subjects Covered: Science, Speaking and Listening
  • Materials Used: LEGO StoryTales Set
  • Standards Addressed: CCSS: SL.1.1.B; SL.1.4; SL.1.6

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